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Time stands still in the serenity of nature. Where all you yearn for is to shrug the world off your shoulders, revel in the peace of mind, and go slow. Take all the time you need, but when you want to pick up the pace, the bountiful nature of Nam Pien Yorla Pa is a terrestrial playground of paths to explore, secrets to discover, and adventures to be had that will make you feel like a kid again.
When you walk high above the sea of green, the rainforest can feel like a different world. A monkey’s eye-view of the untamed wonderland below, who knows what surprises await you. Traversing a network of 22 swinging netted bridges and jungle walkways – ranging from 10m to 78m long – is undoubtedly a terrifying yet captivating endeavor.
Waterfall Viewpoint
The waterfalls you’ll encounter in the rainforest are truly instagram-worthy, but we’ll take that raw beauty and give you instagram-perfection. Strut your way across a V shape canopy walk where you have a tightrope for a bridge, onto a suspended wooden platform floating right next to the thundering water. Strike a pose for a photoshoot that will take your breath away.
We promised play. How does traveling at an incredible speed through the trees, yanked by a harness along a 1km long rail, with sharp turns, drops and zigzags sound? Buckle up and enjoy the ride.
Soar over canopies and take a death-defying flight across a vast valley. Goosebumps rising on the skin, feet touching nothing but air, arms reaching out to the open sky, lungs giving out to primal screams? You’re flying without wings! The exhilarating experience is conjured from 7 ziplines – ranging from 110m to 750m long, and suspended at a staggering height of roughly 90m from terra firma.
Cycling is a fantastic way to tour the rainforest, be it a scenic trail on the ground or along a tightrope high above the luscious green paradise. Despite the vertigo-inducing height, pedaling a bicycle along a zipline is the ultimate leisurely experience to enjoy the bird’s eye views of this extraordinary landscape. Even if it seems straight out of a Cirque Du Soleil performance.
Trekking & Camping
So far you’ve lived in the wild, let’s see how you thrive in it. Embark on a trekking expedition up the Phu Pha Chong mountain, trudging through dense jungle foliage. Set up camp in a pine forest by trading your luxury cottage and barbecue station for a tent and a good old-fashioned bonfire. Sunrises and sunsets are otherworldly. Watch in awe, perched on a cliff, as the painted horizon meld seamlessly with the dramatic ecosystem stretched out before you.